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About the Waseda Investigative Journalism Project (WIJP)

The Waseda Investigative Journalism Project (WIJP) is a nonprofit investigative newsroom based at the Institute for Journalism (J-Freedom) at WASEDA University in Tokyo, Japan.

The Project’s mission is to foster public-interest journalism and watchdog reporting while also training the next generation of investigative journalists. It produces and publishes original works of in-depth investigative and data journalism that can be found at http://wijp.org.

The Project seeks not only to improve investigative journalism, but also to develop new economic models for public-interest reporting utilizing innovative combinations of technologies, platforms and networks, so that the sustainability of investigative journalism can be ensured. The Project will be open to exploring all possibilities and potential approaches for this purpose.

The Project is the first university-based investigative newsroom in Japan. Its reporting is done also by journalism students working as researchers under the guidance of professional journalists.

Editor in Chief: Makoto WATANABE, journalist

The WIJP has an Advisory Board.

We are ready for partnerships and collaborative projects with domestic and international media.

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早稲田調査ジャーナリズムプロジェクト(WIJP)は、早稲田大学ジャーナリズム研究所に設けられた非営利のプロジェクトです。サイト名称はワセダ クロニクル(Waseda Chronicle)です。